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Quality greaseproof paper rolls and sheets. Perfect for the kitchen or catering

Simpac manufactures a range of quality greaseproof paper rolls and greaseproof paper sheets.

Ideal for use in the kitchen or the catering industry. Key customers include major supermarkets, caterers and food service providers.

Simpac is a BRC-accredited British manufacturer of own label and branded greaseproof paper rolls, and greaseproof paper sheets for the retail, catering and food industries. Greaseproof paper can be used to line cake tins and baking trays, to wrap foods, or to make jam pot covers. Our greaseproof paper has excellent grease resistance properties and is available in a range of roll sizes. Our catering greaseproof paper sheets are available in reams.

Greaseproof paper from sustainable forests

Our greaseproof paper is carefully sourced from Scandinavia, where all trees used are grown in sustainable forests. So if you are a retailer looking for rolls of own label, or branded, greaseproof paper, or a caterer or food service provider looking for reams of greaseproof paper – you can be sure we’ve got it wrapped!

Baking paper – the difference

Greaseproof paper is not the same as non-stick baking paper. You need to oil or lightly grease greaseproof paper before it can be used for baking. If you want ‘non-stick’ baking paper rolls or sheets, click here to go to that section.

Contact Simpac for all your greaseproof paper needs

If you need more information on the Simpac range of Food Wraps products, simply click the links below, or contact our friendly experts to discuss your greaseproof paper needs.

Other Simpac Food Wrap Products:

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