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All the household cling film and catering cling film options you need

Simpac manufactures quality cling film rolls, including kitchen cling film and catering cling film in a range of strengths and roll sizes.

Simpac is a BRC-accredited British manufacturer of PVC cling film rolls and LDPE cling film rolls. We supply both own label and branded cling film in a range of thicknesses and roll sizes, suitable for use in the kitchen and in catering establishments.

A wide choice of cling film

From great value LDPE cling film to PVC catering cling film in robust dispenser boxes, the choice is all yours!

Let’s talk cling film!

For more information about our range of Simpac Food Wrap Products, please contact our cling film experts.

Other Simpac Food Wrap Products:

Contact us to discuss your Food Wraps requirements
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